“I am not what happened to me; I am what I choose to become.”

      • No.2

        “I came to Mind Canopy with a wide reaching brief, looking for guidance on how to make more deliberate and informed decisions about my next career paths. Rather than jumping into solution mode and carving out options from the outset, Emer approached the question from a space of self discovery which was ultimately much more rewarding. She really got to know me, and as a result, I now feel that I know myself better too. I am much more able to stand by and back my own decisions, and am energized to pursue passions that align closer to my core values and goals in life”

        Lorna Mellon

        Dublin - Google
      • No.3

        “I truly recommend Emer to speed up your learning and leadership journey. Having been a senior lead herself at tech companies and across different domains, she has an incredible and unique understanding as a coach of how corporations work and the power dynamics - and therefore she can be extremely helpful when she coaches. Plus she is one of those people that really cares about your success so she helps you keep your energy up even in difficult moments.”

        Olivia Calafat

        Chief Marketing Officer Wallapop
      • No.4

        “Having worked with Mind Canopy, Emer created a space I didn't previously have in my life, a space to express exactly what I wanted to achieve judgment free, a space to admit struggle which is often hard as a leader.”

        Emily Cox

        Barcelona - Stories Studio
      • No.5

        “Emer has been instrumental in helping me grow. She actively supported me to make the right choices, be conscious of my strengths and my values, and take the right steps to improve my well-being. Thanks to her, I was able to step-up my leadership during challenging times. Emer is an extraordinary coach and her holistic approach is like no other!”

        Zeina Hatem

        Zurich - Google
      • No.6

        “Emer has supported me in improving my self-awareness, building my personal brand and taking back control of my work-life balance. Together we clarified my goals and worked to unlock my potential, with Emer acting as a sounding board along my journey.”

        Cat Patterson

        London - Premier League
      • No.7

        “If you don’t have one hour in your schedule to spare, it is time to work with Mind Canopy! Emer brings an expert eye to your business strategies, priorities and personal development. Her holistic approach offers a refreshing perspective on your business, unlocking more time, wins and clarity within your business.”

        Mark Lyttleton

        Dublin - Start Up Founder
      • No.8

        “During the pandemic, I encountered a lot of unexpected challenges in my professional and personal life. Emer has been so patiently standing by me, helping me define my problems, pushing me to lead my own thinking and shaping my solutions without telling any of the answers. She has the unique ability to quickly spot out the root cause and is a natural in leading conversations with her amazing questions.”

        Jennifer Di Liping

        Singapore- Baxter Healthcare
      • No.9

        “Working with Mind Canopy enabled me to unlease and explore more openly my hearts desires and I am now embarking on a journey based on a philosophy that is the true me.”

        Karen Carberry

        Dublin - CEO - CarberryGallagher
      • No.10

        “Mind Conopy have helped solidify my own purpose and values structure, helped with better understanding my personal experiences and how to use these to develop my leadership style and question old beliefs and their validity as I move on and up in my career. My coaching sessions have prompted a realisation that it is essential to one’s personal growth to do this activity periodically. Emer skilfully creates the environment to allow one to grow, when she asks the pertinent questions at the right time, in an otherwise natural conversation and allows time for self-reflection when one of those light bulb moments land. One of the best personal investments without a doubt".”

        Micheal Burke

        Dublin - Head of Operations - Vodafone