A whole-person approach

At Mind Canopy, we firmly believe that all answers lie within. Our ‘leading from behind’ approach helps our clients realise both their aspirational and behavioural career and life goals. Expect to be both supported and challenged by our coaches.

Our dedicated 1:1 sessions come with relevant follow-up materials and are adapted to your own personal learning style. Pre-session online engagement ensures a common diving off point, so that each coaching engagement is productive and you will leave energized and one step closer to your goal attainment.

Mind Canopy utilises advanced methodologies in executive coaching. Our clients benefit from the latest leadership frameworks in personal branding, strengths finding and self awareness. In order to guide you on your journey to self-discovery and self-awareness, we offer 360° assessments and feedback tools for an in-depth analysis.

We use a whole person approach, both holistic and human, to ensure our clients feel focused, energised and full of purpose after every interaction with a clear direction toward your goals. Wherever you are on your journey, whatever might be going on in your life, our coaches meet you exactly where you are at. Every session is a safe space; we strive to create a relaxed atmosphere free of judgement, allowing you to listen into yourself, to discover the potential that already exists within you.