Ensuring that life flows in your favour requires a little bit of preparation. It’s amazing how many people can clearly articulate an ambition for their friends or work, but not themselves.Take the time to find your vision and then share it with a close network that you feel are most aligned to your goals.Focus first on your cheer leaders in life – your executive board – the people that always rally to your side and support you. The simple act of articulating your vision to them can be profoundly impactful. Each time you tell your story it will become more defined and real. You are literally breathing your vision to life with each repetition.Once you are comfortable with this initial step move onto the next level of your network.Look to the people in your life that you might depend on more for work or strategic advice – your non executive board. At this stage you are more likely to get questions or constructive advice and this will enable you to critically examine your vision. You might need to adapt or set more tangible milestones or goals.Both networks will then keep you honest by asking about progress or identifying opportunities or synergies. Instead of trying to achieve something completely alone you now have a team of people actively on your side all working towards your vision.Think how much more likely you are to succeed with your own personal board.