When does time stop?

Flow is the state where you become lost in a task or activity. You are performing at an optimal level where all your skills and talents appear to coalesce in a vortex of ease. Flow is an active state – we can all spend the currency of time passively watching TV, but flow is about using our skills, focusing our attention, being engaged.

But the idea of flow has become almost mythical and the more it is chased the harder it can be to find. As a result trying to find a time when you were in flow can be challenging.

Part of this challenge is expecting your flow state to be something grand or majestic when in fact it can be perfectly mundane, maybe even occasionally frustrating. A simpler way to think of flow is when does time stop for you?

What were you doing when at the end you are incredulous that so much time has elapsed, or you marvel at something you have created or achieved. Flow doesn’t have to converted into a side hustle or monetized – flow can just be flow – an opportunity to engage with your best self for no other purpose than it gives you pleasure.