We are constantly told to aim high and think big. Such is our quest for greatness that people are now literally standing in line to reach the top of Everest. The ceaseless ambition can become overwhelming. Instead, why don’t we try aiming low and thinking small?

I encourage everyone to start their day with one tiny thing that is just for them. Ideally the task you choose should be selfish and designed entirely to make you feel better with no greater purpose or goal. Although you might gravitate to Everest – resist the urge. Pick one small thing that you want to do the next day and set an intention before going to bed.

Tomorrow morning I will start the day with:

  • One sun salutation
  • Having hot water and lemon
  • Going outside first thing to breath in fresh air
  • Read a poem

Setting and achieving one tiny task will have important ripple consequences. The message you are giving yourself and the universe, first thing each day, is that you count. Your needs and wants are important. And no, size doesn’t matter. After all every river starts with a drop and every journey with just one step.

Sometimes the achievement might just be recognising that today is not the day and instead trying again tomorrow. Remember this is not a competition with the world or anyone else – just a small act of self-love each day.

If you manage to achieve one small task in the morning it means that your day has already started on a positive. The tone is set and it will echo for the rest of your waking hours. In time you might add something else, but for now you just need to start small and keep it small.

Think of these daily personal tasks as compound interest for the soul.