Describe myself in one sentence
Former Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist. Mother of two grown up children. Developing a new career in education and information for parents and girls in child and adolescent gynaecology

What prompted you to try coaching

I was feeling stuck in my career particularly post covid and wanted a different life. I was fearful of making this huge change. I needed support, affirmation, and a framework to begin the transition.

The most challenging or surprising aspect

During the coaching sessions I was asked to envisage myself and my life in my ideal world. That was challenging and novel, as for so long I had fashioned my life around other people’s ideas and needs. I was playing a role mapped out for me. I found it hard to get my head around, that ultimately, I am responsible for my own life. That it’s up to me to develop the life I want, and can enjoy, and thrive in. In terms of the most surprising aspect, I am never bored …. Ever!

Overarching takeaway or learning

Is that I am ultimately responsible for my life, health and happiness.

Advice for someone about to start coaching

Be open to everything. Be kind to yourself and be prepared to do some work on yourself. This may sound selfish, but I’ve come to realise that if we cannot connect with ourselves, it’s impossible to connect with others. Finding something that sets you alight is never boring. Now I can spend hours developing and teasing out a learning programme for our new venture for My Girls Gynae and enjoy it, learn lots and never feel the time slipping by.